People Stopped buying iPads?

People Stopped buying iPads?

iPad is a five-year old device which was first introduced to the public way back 2010. People are ecstatic to own one piece of this device as it was advertised as a magical and revolutionary. Which has a special function in post-PC era that has been successful on filling a certain consumer needs. Speculation rises as iPad was created to extinct both laptop and PCs. Those speculation have never happened until to this very day, sales report has it, Apple now earns more money from Macs than it does in iPads.

iPad vs. Macbook

In terms of revenue iPad business has taken over Macbook business way back in 2011 and for the succeeding years. Now, Macbooks shines again as consumers are into Macbooks this time on the other hand iPad sales tremendously dropped such a reverse in circumstance for both McBook and iPad based on Apple’s financial figures.


As for Apple CEO Tim Cook, he still believes in the iPad. “It is what it is. It will play out, and at some point it will stabilize,” Cook told analysts when asked about the lackluster iPad sales. “I am not sure precisely when, but I’m pretty confident it will.”


Apple Sales Figures for both iPad and MacBook

Apple made $5.6 billion in revenue from its Mac sales in the most recent quarter, and $5.4 billion in iPad revenue. At the same time, Apple sold 12.6 million iPads in the recent quarter vs. 4.5 million Macs. The surprise revenue turnaround casts some doubt on Apple’s post-PC revolution with the iPad. Apple’s iPad sales have been decreasing consistently in recent quarters, on the other hand Apple remains mum about the issue, the company neither answer nor comment about the trend.

There have been rumors of an iPad Pro with a stylus that have surfaced over the past year, but Apple did not came in with such rather the company opted to surfaced with the same product line plus a few improvements applied on the device.

No Big Improvements for iPad

Perhaps, consumers wanted to see something new. It could be the reason why iPad sales dropped excessively because consumers were bored to see the same device over and over again, to some degree consumers anticipate to get more than what it has. Maybe consumers are disappointed to just have the same device with a little improvement though. Another reason is the rise of smartphones, the industry of smartphones are still revolutionizing more than tablets. With smartphones, there has to be new about it to offer to the public. It comes with different sizes, models, specifications however, with tablet? Tablet is a tablet end.


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