Parsee – 3D Printed Smart Glasses Assist Blind to Take a Better Look

Parsee is a Polish non-profit organization and they have just designed a pair of 3D printed Smart Glasses to assist the visually impaired as well as the blind. With the use of this technology, which is currently available by pre-ordering it through a crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo, lets those who have trouble seeing or could not see at all to recognize text, face, color, and shape that is provided with audio information towards the wearer via a headphone.

Parsee - 3D Printed Smart Glasses Assist Blind to Take a Better Look

Parsee 3D Printed Glasses Helps the Blind and Visually Impaired Recognize Text, Shape, Color, and Face

Parsee decided that with the use of their 3D printed, high-tech smart glasses, they can aid those who have trouble with their eyesight to make use of a versatile product for blind and visually impaired individuals to take a better look around the world around them. Furthermore, the glasses that were designed are not just designed to improve the overall sensory experience for blind people, but they can also be used as mobile computers for an array of applications. However, there are still only a handful of developers for apps for smart glasses which have devoted a significant amount of time and effort into making such a device a tool for disabled individuals.

Seeing that there is an opportunity in the market to create a life-changing product, Parsee made their own 3D printed glasses. Furthermore, these can be acquired for free. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is a rewards system that is a bit unique as compared to most of the products you can find on the website. For instance, should you pledge $300 for the creation of the device, you will be able to nominate a blind or visually impaired person to receive their own pair of these smart glasses. As for the other levels of donation, they will be given rewards such as T-shirts as well as a chance to become of the company’s developing team.

Parsee will use the funds that have been garnered to further develop the prototype for their 3D printed smart glasses prior to manufacturing as many units as possible which will be distributed without any additional costs. The company had set a goal for $25,000 for the product’s Indiegogo campaign, but they will also work with whatever funds they can muster to take the project as far as it can go. The firm aims to deliver a hit upon a particularly promising product to make the visually impaired and the blind be able to read newspapers and even discern juice from water without having to taste it first.


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