Evernote – Acquires Google Drive Integration for Android and Chrome

It is not rare for companies to work together for a project and the latest firms to do that is Evernote and Google. The note taking and saving service has now introduced a compact Google Drive icon that can be found alongside its other editing tools. Therefore, users are able to easily insert a Google Drive file while making a note AND without leaving the website (if you’re on Google Chrome) or from the Android app. Just clicking or tapping on the aforementioned icon will let you do that.

Evernote - Acquires Google Drive Integration for Android and Chrome

Evernote Places Google Drive Integration for Easier Note Taking Between Services

What’s interesting about the integration between the Evernote note taking service and that of Google Drive is that any changes that have been made into the files found in the search engine’s storage application will dynamically sync and update into the other app as well. With this new feature, it also brings forth the ability to search into your files found in your Google Drive account. However, this can only be done only after you have brought it into the note-taking platform.

Even though the integration between Google Drive and Evernote is indeed a great feature that can be used by everyone (provided they have an account for both services), the user needs to remain online, especially if you want to make use of its dynamic syncing feature. This integration will not also be active if you’re using the note-taking app while on offline mode.

Geoffrey Barry, Evernote’s community manager, wrote a post on the company’s official blog as he says the following: “While this is just the first step in our integration, it does require being online to work for both Evernote Web and Evernote Android. Content from Google Drive is not stored locally in your Evernote account, and does not count towards monthly upload. On Evernote Android links will still present cleanly and with a title while offline, but with text that says (for example): PDF: Not available offline. You may still see a thumbnail for images while offline, but those should disappear once the app is closed and reopened.”

This is not the first time that we can see Google Drive being embedded into other services such as that of Evernote. For instance, WhatsApp and even the Yahoo Mail app also got their integration for the service earlier this year. At the time of writing, the integration is still in its beta stages for both Google Chrome and Android versions of the popular note taking and editing application.


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