Pantelligent Review – Introduce Yourself to Smart Frying

With everything turning “smart” these days, it might no longer come as a surprise as to be introduced into the world of the smart frying, especially when you get the Pantelligent. It uses an easy-to-use app that will “talk” to you through each step of the recipe. It will also advise you when to turn the heat up on your stovetop or turn it down. This makes it easier to learn how to cook new dishes and even turn seemingly average meals into masterpieces. But is this smart frying pan all it’s cracked up to be?

Pantelligent Review - Introduce Yourself to Smart Frying

Does the Pantelligent Live up to its Promises?

The Pantelligent started out as a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. It had the financial assistance of many to achieve their development goals to make the product into a reality. At first glance, this smart frying pan doesn’t look much like you ordinary cookware that you may already own. It is 12-inches wide and about 2-inches deep. It is made out of die-cast aluminum and covered in non-stick coating which should last about three to five years, as per the company that made the device. The finished product is a modern-day frying pan that is quite easy to clean. Also, since this is made with smart features, you should not put the pan in the dishwasher or submerge the handle in water.

Most of what is highlighted for the Pantelligent smart frying pan is its app. There are several ways that this app uses temperature readings from the device itself to guide you throughout your path towards the best fryer in town (or maybe just get the gratification of your family for having a wonderfully cooked meal).

The best way to actually use the app is to select one of the recipes within its library. There are roughly 50 recipes within said app that will already provide you with a list of ingredients to get and prepare, and important items to remember while you cook. When you’re ready, just press the “Start Cooking” button at the bottom of the page of the recipe. Then, hold your device to the smart frying pan’s handle to connect said cookware to the app.

While this is revolutionary, the Pantelligent does not come without flaws. First, it does not work with induction cooktops. Also, the app does become of an annoyance when the pan does not cool down or when it heats up at a rather fast pace. Also, there is a limited number of recipes to follow in the app which grants the full use of the frying pan at only a certain point. Nonetheless, this is a great use of technology should you want to improve your cooking skills.


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