OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack Review

The OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack can help lift up a car when needed, such as when there is a need to change a flat tire. But is that all there is to the OTC 1512? What customers are looking for in a quality jack is its power in lifting heavy-weighted vehicles. Furthermore, it should be made with a durable enough material to handle the heavy stress. Lastly, the jack should be able to hold the vehicle, or whatever it is its trying to lift, steadily without having to make the car come crashing down.  These can all be found in the OTC 1512 Stinger Service Jack. First of all, let’s look at the standard specs of the OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack.  This particular service jack can hold up to 20-tons. In this property alone, the OTC 152 Stinger already holds a special place in the competition with other devices of its type. Cars are indeed heavy, but not everyone owns a family-sized sedan. There are those who own SUVs, or even pickup trucks. The OTC 1512 finds no problem lifting many types of vehicles.  There are even customer reports wherein this service jack is able to lift up a 2007 CRV.

OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack Review

Get to Know the OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack

Moving forward, the OTC 1512 Jack has a low-profile stance and an extended height. These properties add to the versatility of the device. Since it has an extended height, technicians or drivers are able to see their vehicle’s chassis better when they’re doing routine maintenance under their automobile. Furthermore, technicians are also able to move their arms and hands more freely as compared to doing work when the vehicle is closer to the body. Lifting and lowering can be done in small increments, which further adds to the device’s versatility.

Speaking of versatility, users can use either the foot pedal or the jack handle for the pumping action.  Lastly, this service jack has a counter-balanced spring assisted handle with a 3-position lock. When it comes to jack manufacturers, safety should be their primary concern, and OTC really pulled out the stops when it comes to the OTC 1512.  With the 3-position lock on the handle, users are safeguarded that the jack won’t suddenly malfunction and may drop the vehicle right on their faces, to which can cause some very serious injury, or even worse.  For its price, the OTC 1512 Stinger 20-Ton Service Jack will be worth every spent as it provides versatility, durability, and utmost safety to its users.

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