Forty2 Solar Generator Review

The Forty2 Solar Generator combines all the elements of a grid into one neat yet compact package. It is an all-in-one unit that combines power generation, power inversion, power storage, and efficiency monitoring into one mobile device.  The power generation comes from solar energy, the power storage comes from its Lithium Ion batteries, the power inversion of the solar generator comes from a ready power cord, and the brains for the entire device comes from its efficiency monitoring system.

Forty2 Solar Generator Review

The Forty2 Solar Generator is an All-in-One Utility Box

The Forty2 Solar Generator is not a kit, nor is it a “dressed up” battery that can only charge your smartphone. The device harnesses true solar power that puts it all in its built-in energy reserves for when the sun decides to hide itself beyond the clouds (or when nighttime arrives).  This solar generator is powerful enough to produce power for small appliances, turn on the lights on your Christmas tree, charge several laptops at a time, or even charge a dozen mobile phones. How about letting you watch from a fairly large Television set even when the power is out? There are many great uses for the Forty2 Generator, which then lets users ask themselves, “What more can I do with this?”  Since the device is compact enough, it can be brought to places wherein electrical outlets may be scarce. For example, it can be brought to camping trips for when you need to bring your laptop along. While running the laptop, this generator can also do more by powering up 2 printers and a speaker.

While this particular solar generator does give a great amount of power to devices that need it, users find some inconveniences when handling it. For instance, even though it is made to be compact and can be brought outdoors, the generator is not light. Thus, users may need help with regards to carrying it around.  Furthermore, the generator is found to provide optimum functionality when it is vertically hung via its carry straps, or when it is leaning on a very strong and solid surface. This makes it a bit of a daunting task to look for a place to hang the device or for users to search for surface that’s strong enough, or a wall, to let the generator lean.  Other than some hiccups, the Forty2 Solar Generator does its job of supplying power to electronic devices pretty well.

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