Optoma EH320UST Review – Versatility in an Ultra-Short-Throw Package

When using the Optoma EH320UST, you can project images that are located in just 45-centimeters away from a screen. This makes it one of the shortest throw distances which can be found in the market. Its maximum throw distance is measured at 59-centimeters. When you beam images from 45-centimeters, you will get a pretty decent 2-meter image (measured diagonally), whereas when you project at 59-centimeters, you get a larger 2.54-meter image. But the great thing about this is that no matter the size, the images look absolutely sharp due to its 0.65-inch DLP chip and its ability to display 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD resolution.

Optoma EH320UST Review - Versatility in an Ultra-Short-Throw Package

The Optoma EH320UST Provides Power for an Ultra-Short-Throw Projector

The Optoma EH320UST sports a 4,000-lumen lamp, which helps produce incredibly bright images. With this brightness rating, it can even overcome strong overhead lighting quite easily.

Still, when it comes to color vibrancy and accuracy, it isn’t particularly great and these departments. This projector prioritizes on brightness and contrast for the purpose of easy viewing even in the most difficult of environments. Even though images are viewable even under bright light, colors are washed out even when its “BrilliantColor” setting is switched on. Setting the projector with the “Bright” color preset will yield best overall image quality, however it won’t be enough to beat the competition.

Since the EH320UST projector prioritizes on clarity rather than color accuracy and vibrancy, text on presentations are very easy to read. Also, the claimed 20,000:1 contrast ratio means that even darker images are pretty well-recognized as well.

The projector’s lens is mounted on its rear, which means all of the connections will be located at its front. This results in minimum cable mess so you can easily tuck away cables to provide for a less messy environment. The unit can also be wall or ceiling mounted, or casually placing it on top of a table, desk, or surface. However, considering the heft in its weight, it is better to mount it instead.

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The EH320UST gains points for versatility in the connections department. It has two HDMI ports, a composite connector, a network cable (for monitoring), a USB port, two VGA ports, and two 3.5-millimeter audio jacks. Speaking of its USB port, it is only used for connecting the unit to computers for control reasons. Therefore, it cannot be used to play any media or open files natively. However, this is not an issue for an office projector.

With its size, the Optoma EH320UST can fit inside the tightest of spaces. It also has plenty of inputs and a powerful 4,000-lumen lamp. This means that it can be used even within the most challenging of office environments.


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