LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U Review – Eliminating the Need for Long Cables

Although the LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U is far from being the first ultra-short-throw model in the market, it is one of the most affordable you can find. It is also tuned for video rather than for beaming data images. Even though there are lots of rivals that are already tuned for video and home use, many, or perhaps even none of the PF1000U’s competitors offer an ultra-short-throw. In this regard that it is unique.

LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U - Eliminating the Need for Long Cables

The LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U Provides an Ultra-Short-Throw for Video Use

The LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U can beam a large image from just about a few inches away. For a 90-inch image (measured diagonally), the front of the projector will only be approximately 12-inches away from the screen or the displayed surface. The rear projector, where the footage will bounce off a mirror to be beamed onto the screen, will be just about 23-inches away. With this sort of distance, you can put the unit on a cabinet, table, desk, or other types of surface in front of a screen mounted on a wall (or the wall itself). Its ultra-short-throw capabilities eliminates the need to for cables and power cords to go any farther than what you would normally have with a TV.

What’s even better are the dimensions and weight of the LG PF1000U. It only measures 4.5 x 5.2 x 11.1-inches for its dimensions, and it only weighs 4-pounds and 14-ounces. This makes the device quite easy to handle. It also eliminates the need to handle multiple wires along with the projector.

Aside from it being an ultra-short-throw projector, it also comes with a Smart TV. What this translates into is that if you connect a coax cable from an antenna, or other RF-video source, into the projector, you can then surf TV channels with it.

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Users are also able to connect to a network with the use of an Ethernet cable or its built-in Wi-Fi. Hence, you can stream videos or audios from your network-connected DLNA device.

The projector delivers 1,000-lumens of brightness which should make it bright enough to use on a 123 to 167-inch screen with the scenario of a theater-dark lighting environment. It beams images with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and do keep in mind that the brightness levels drop when used in ambient light.

With the LG Minibeam Projector PF1000U, you get a device that no longer needs really long cables to run across the room. Image quality is pretty decent, and the built-in Smart TV is a welcoming extra.


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