Online Security is a must!

Published: 12 April 2015Updated: 11 December 2023

Online Security is a must!

How can you keep your personal information secure and safe online? Here are some tips to safeguard your personal information and increase online security in the World Wide Web.


Protect your password, keep your password only to yourself, as much as possible never share it to somebody. Strongly create your password that cannot be guessed easily, use and combine letters and numbers also special characters, however there are some cases that a site you want to join in does not allow you to use special characters you can opt to create passwords that allowed by their terms and conditions thus, installing in your device app such as password manager makes sense, this can give you convenience on tracking your passwords.

Protect your email from hackers

Most of the time we communicate through IM’s but it can’t be denied that from time to time we still get emails, and emails are prone to get hacked, now, how can you protect your email? Never clicked email attachments especially from sources that are not trusted, to avoid your email getting hacked or avoid malicious program installed on your computer, you do not realized it until you are hacked. Therefore, it is risky to just download email attachments, before you download it do confirm it from the sender and what was the particular attachment all about. By doing so, you refrain from unconsciously installing a malware like a worm or virus on your device.

Online Shopping

There are lots of ways to shop and pay online but one of the most convenient there is to use credit cards, it gives convenience but risky the risk involved is that someone might and can steal the information in your card and once they got your information they can your card now to purchase whatever they like to purchase online. How can you make sure that you and your information’s are protected upon your purchase online? Be attentive, when doing online shopping be sure that you use your credit card only on secure websites that has the prefix, “https” if the website has this prefix it means that the site is using a secure protocol to encrypt communications between you and the website. You can safely do transactions on online banking sites, shopping sites and also on apps like Klarna. So be attentive and always proceed with caution when you are to use your credit card.

Aside from single-factor authorization, where in you as the user enters your username and your password to a certain site and bang! You are in. There is now another ways to ensure your identity online the two-factor authorization, we can take advantage of this development to further safeguard our online security, we can use fingerprint or a unique pattern as an additional security credential so even if someone has basic access to your account they, still have to deal with your second security credential.

It takes time and effort staying safe and secure in the world wide web but the information given can help you in one way or another so spread the information because sometimes even if we know what we have to do we tend to forget things, yet if we can read it again we are again reminded. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.


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