iPad – after five years.

iPad – after five years

Five years ago iPad’s release marked an important event. Apple launched a transformative device that has become a staple in today’s modern living.

iPad strike five years ago and its success is phenomenal. It has a great impact on the consumer-electronics industry. On its first year, Apple sold 14.8 million iPads and quickly become a household name, is it because there are hundred ways to use iPad further, it can’t be denied that iPad has become an important tool not just on personal but also business related purposes. iPad has then become a mainstream product. Thanks, to Steve Jobs.

Although, iPad received lots of criticisms for its name and even its size, iPad is unstopable. The iPad launch was of great success that it sold 2 million iPads within two weeks. Soon, iPad’s success is so great that iPad became a synonym of tablet. iPad dominance is undeniable, it controlled 77 percent of the tablet market, but nothing is forever, by the year 2014,according to IDC iPad share decreases to just 28 percent.

It is because after five years the market expanded, and competitions abound, not as strong as iPad is but has also gained ground on the tablet market that decreases iPad’s unit sales. When Amazon came with Kindle Fire it change the mindset of the consumers for how much we are willing to pay to have one. Kindle Fire started for only $199 compared to iPad at $499. The price is lower than the iPad.

Then Google, released its Nexus 7 that also cost $199, this gives everyone a chance to own a tablet.


Today, the tablet market is saturated from high-end tablets to verizon-branded tablets and more than two out of three tablets runs with Android.


However, there is a certain gap between the bargain and high-end tablets, and that is where Apple continues to reign. Apple has its own market and iPad is really doing well in the part of that market where it continues to reign.


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