Oculus Rift – May Let You Want to Switch to Playing Games in Virtual Reality Altogether

For those who have trouble in just about any genre of videogames out there, you might want to try out VR with the Oculus Rift. You might be disorganized when sending out your troops in real-time strategy games, or you get flustered easily when playing first-person shooters. So what’s the difference when playing such videogames in virtual reality? Well, to start, it’s not just about the novelty of the games.

Oculus Rift - May Let You Want to Switch to Playing Games in Virtual Reality Altogether

The Oculus Rift Might Have a Strong Chance in Attracting a Ton of Gamers

Just recently, the Oculus Rift was part of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where it showed the roster of games that will be heading to the VR headset. The line of titles that are about to be released are all good (for the most part), and there have already been a lot of positive reviews concerning them from the people who have already tried it out. The games that are included are some that you might have never heard off as they were never released for home or handheld consoles, or even to your PC or Mac.

Analysts, along with tech-adviser Digi-Capital, are seeing the VR industry to grow into a $30 billion industry by the year 2020. This thought might actually become a reality as there is a whole slew of titles that will arrive for the Oculus Rift VR Headset. These include sports sims, role-playing games, space shooters, and everything else in between or what your mind can think of that could be played within the virtual realm.

At the recent event, there were a variety of games that could be tested with the Rift. One title is the aptly named VR Sports, but don’t make the plain title make a fool out of you right off the bat. In this game, you will use the Touch motion controllers to throw a basketball. You can even do a wide variety of tricks when you do so such as behind the back or even do a dunk. You can even do these tricks in slow motion if you so desire.

There’s also another game for the Oculus Rift that is entitled AirMech and it is a third-person arena battler. What’s surprising here is that when you think about virtual reality, you’re going to think about the games being in first-person, but this particular game let’s you battle it out with others in an action RTS game in third-person. In a way, these are just teasers of what’s to come with the headset. What is your favorite upcoming VR title for the Rift?


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