Amazon – Japanese Video Games Are Now Sold Internationally

Gamers rejoice as Amazon Japan is now selling videogames internationally. Therefore, those of you who want a fix of JRPGs or other titles that are not available in the US or within other countries, you can now order it from the famous online shopping site. Perhaps that Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball might now be within easier reach this time around, eh?

Amazon - Japanese Video Games Are Now Sold Internationally

Gamers Around the Globe Rejoice as Amazon Now Sells Videogames Internationally

If, by any chance, that you’ve paid for an astronomical amount just to purchase a Japanese game, then those times may be over for you as Amazon will now ship video game hardware and software internationally. However, do note that not every game can be shipped as they are restricted to products that will only be sold by Amazon, rather than third-party sellers. Furthermore, there are also other titles that could not be shipped for unknown reasons.

To get your Japanese gaming fix from the famous online shopping site, it is actually quite easy to start. Just create an account, follow the steps to do so, then continue on with your videogame shopping. However, if you’re not able to understand all the Japanese text in Amazon Japan, not to worry as there is big button that says “In English” that will replace all the Japanese text into, you guessed it, English.

Once logged in, the website makes it practically clear what are the items that can and can’t be shipped to your location. Shipping is fairly reasonable for a videogame. But why want to do this in the first place? First of all, Japan is able to get exclusive titles and consoles that don’t make it to European or North American shores. Also, there are some games that do not get an international release. For those that live in other countries but can speak and read the Japanese language yet are unable to get their videogaming fix, now they can.

In terms of getting the games that you want from Amazon, you have better chances of acquiring titles from the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles rather than that of the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Why? Because Nintendo’s consoles can only play software from the region wherein they were bought in. In other words, if you bought a US-version Nintendo 3DS, and you just happen to come across a Japanese title, the game won’t work unless you play it on a Japanese 3DS.



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