Nix Pro Color Sensor Reviews

Nix Pro Color Sensor Reviews

If you wished to determine what color a pixel in an image is, you could utilize the eyedropper device in Photoshop to seize its recipe. However, if you wished to find out exactly what exact color something is in real life, you need to have Nix Pro Color Sensor. This strange, enigmatic, vaguely diamond-shaped device, concerning the size of a disappointingly tiny cupcake, links wirelessly to an iPhone so when you push it against a color, it checks out it and delivers it to the device — defining its RGB, CMYK, hex and CIELab values. It is possible to save it, compare or share it by e-mail or on social media. As far as it goes, it appears to work, even if the app feels a bit unfinished. We trust Nix Pro Color Sensor that in part since the sensor is enclosed you receive much more accurate outcomes than if you utilized a standalone smartphone app which hinges on its camera, even when the design for the Nix means the colour you’re scanning has to be on a set surface. We worry about correctness, though — lacking any objective solution to determine or calibrate its outcomes — and therefore we have some issues about whom this might be for. It’s easy to assume it’s for imaginative pros, but it can not be calibrated into a color workflow and it isn’t built-into a method such as Pantone. The issues over pro-level accuracy might be fine in an item low priced price, state — something for hobbyists to possess fun with — but this might be almost four times that. A previous variation converted sampled colors to paint swatches, which may be handy, but that is lacking through the current  variation.

Nix Pro Color Sensor Specifications:

– The Nix Pro Color Sensor
– Scan, Save, Share and Compare colors on your own smartphone.
– The brand new patented design  offers maximum correctness and simplicity of use.
– A must-have tool for just about any serious interior or visual designer.
– For iOS and Android devices with BLE compatibility.



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