Next-gen Chromecast Revealed in Leaked Documents

Next-gen Chromecast Revealed in Leaked Documents

In recently leaked documents, it would seem that Google is preparing to launch a reimagined Chromecast. Pictures found in said documents have the familiar dongle form factor of the thumb-sized media streaming device. For those who are new to hearing about this device, it is looks like a thumb-drive that connects to the HDMI port of your television. Users can then connect their Android devices, or even their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even their Windows laptops to “cast” movies and various visual media onto the TV. This gadget also works well with Google’s own Chromebook. Aside from its general use of streaming media, Google’s media streaming device also has other features to which can be used via downloadable apps.

Leaked Images and Information Reveal a New Google Chromecast

Like with standard leaked images, the photos that were reported about the new Chromecast are not high quality. Hence, it makes it extremely difficult if it IS what many is expecting it to be. Blurry and unclear pictures aside, the people who leaked the documents and images heard that the device will sport an improved Wi-Fi capability as compared to its predecessor. It could mean that the Google media streaming device could boast a Wi-Fi connection of 802.11ac, but this is just mere speculation (but it can’t hurt to hope, right?). The current Google Chromecast sports the standard 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. With Google known to make amazing gadgetry when it comes to connecting devices to the World Wide Web (i.e. Google Fiber), the dream of having better Wi-Fi connection for their other tech may not be too far off.

Another rumor is that this leaked media streaming tech will allow for content feeds on the home screen. What does this mean? It could mean a bunch of things, but people are expecting that it refers to social media and image feeds to appear on the gadget’s home screen without the hassle of exiting other apps. Along with this upcoming feature, “Fast Play” is reported to be included with the device which could mean that the process of watching several content could be expedited. Going back to the leaked documents, there may also be something new for Chromecast Audio. The feature allows the device to be plugged into other speaker through an auxiliary cord. The audio feature is also said to have a multi-room feature support. This means that people could stream high-quality audio from their phone or tablet, then straight to their home entertainment systems.


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