New HoloLens Youtube Video Sees George Takei Fighting a Chicken

Recently, a new HoloLens Youtube video has been posted starring none other than George Takei and it has only just cemented the idea that HoloLens has the potential to be absolutely amazing!

George Takei with new HoloLens

George Takei is seen testing out the new Actiongram app on HoloLens

Out of all of the recent AR and VR developments recently, the one piece of tech that has captured my interest the most is HoloLens from Microsoft.

Ever since they started to share their concept for what HoloLens could be, I have been transfixed by the idea of having an augmented world, a real-life digital filter that could be applied to my own eyes. It would augment and enhance everything around me.

Recently, a new HoloLens Youtube video has been posted starring none other than George Takei and it has only just established the idea that HoloLens has the potential to be absolutely amazing.

The new HoloLens video has been released to showcase a new HoloLens app that Microsoft has released to the Windows Store. The app is called Actiongram, and according to the app’s description, it is a new tool that enables a new medium for storytelling.

At the moment, there are a limited number of ‘holograms’ available on the app, with George Takei being one of them. You can view the new HoloLens Youtube video featuring Actiongram, George Takei and a rather hostile-looking chicken below.

As you can imagine, the new Actiongram app for HoloLens doesn’t provide any particular level of utility to the HoloLens ecosystem, and as far as I can see it’s seen more as a proof of concept for Microsoft to share the potential for what HoloLens could provide us in the future.

It does bring across an interesting point about what augmented reality could be used for, and we’ve seen something similar from the HTC Vive’s Tilt Brush app. Augmented reality is an interesting new medium for creating art, for sharing stories and for collaborating or sharing experiences with other people.

What really took my interest in the video is that George Takei seemed genuinely fascinated during his time using HoloLens and even though the video only showcased him using the Actiongram app, it was clear that Mr. Takei was very impressed with the way HoloLens essentially plastered different holograms onto his vision.

With a big grin on his face, George mentioned in the video, “We talked about holograms on Star Trek, and to actually be doing that, in reality, today, it was a lot of fun.”

New Hololens Youtube Video

As explained in the Youtube video, George Takei poses in the green screen room.

An Opinion on the Microsoft HoloLens

Right now, the HoloLens is available for developers at a costly $3,000 price tag. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of approach by new VR and AR developments – The Google Glass was released to a select number of individuals before being put on sale for developers.

At the time, Google had a lot of plans for the Glass. Remember this video? Nowadays, Google has stripped back its ambitions for a public release of the Google Glass, and I fear that the HoloLens may fall down that route too.

With that being said, there is one key aspect that I think will give HoloLens a chance, and, this is frankly based upon my own opinion. If Microsoft sticks to focusing on providing quality utility HoloLens apps and entertainment experiences for use within the home, then we could perhaps see the HoloLens achieve its potential.

We don’t need to see promotional videos from Microsoft that show HoloLens on the heads of everybody out on the street because that’s only going to shy people away from the idea, similar to the Google Glass venture. We need Microsoft to share it to the masses as another home entertainment device, like the Xbox or a PC.

The next big target for Microsoft to reach is to create enough demand so that the masses can benefit from a price reduction; a significant reduction from the lofty $3,000.

The HoloLens needs to be under $500 for it to ever be adopted in the average household, and I’d say further down the line a sub $300 price tag would be even better.

HoloLens Holotour App

Holotour is another showcase app for the Microsoft HoloLens.

I’ve heard from many people that 2017 will be the year for augmented reality, and I really hope that’s true. Right now we’re stuck waiting on the development of better apps for a lot of the mixed reality equipment that’s recently been pushed into the market, so it’s important developer access becomes easier and that means making the equipment more affordable for developers too.

It is very clear though that Microsoft is pushing for HoloLens to actually make it into our living rooms. Recently, Microsoft announced that the Windows Holographic app will be coming to Windows 10 in 2017, which should make it easier for developers to access the platform and for consumers to experience the world of holographics.

You can learn more about what’s inside the HoloLens here.


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