Need for Speed: No Limits Review – Get Ready to Burn Rubber

Within Need for Speed: No Limits, you will encounter other drivers who try to bring you down even before the race even starts. The typical result is that you will blow them away with the speeds of your vehicle. No really, you will really blow them away approximately 90-percent of the time. While EA has been known to give players a rough time with the balance of a free-to-play release, this time around they did a complete 180. With No Limits, you are given a mobile game that is far too generous.

Need for Speed: No Limits Review – Get Ready to Burn Rubber

Need for Speed: No Limits Provides No Hindrances in Being Easy

While mobile games are known to have a certain level of difficulty to let players pull out their wallets most of the time to get boosts and extras to help them with the videogame, in Need for Speed: No Limits, you may not have to deal with micro-transactions at all. The game is far too generous to let you win around 9 races out of 10. All you have to do is keep on racing one race after another and you will win a lot of them.

You will then be rewarded with parts for your car for upgrading, which will give you more of an “unfair” advantage over your opponents. There is no waiting, grinding, or even spending required in this game.

But if it were about engagement, then Need for Speed: No Limits (iOS and Android) would be at the top of the charts. Also, when it comes to the sheer number of options already available upon download, then this mobile game will conquer all. There’s the main Career Mode, in which you will take on a series of challenges in each chapter of the main storyline before you race the big race in the city. You can then upgrade the array of parts that you will be given (because of your extremely positive win streak), mod your car in the modshop, purchase new parts with the money you make, all before racing in the tournaments laid out to you. Even though the game is quite easy to deal with, the sheer number of content given to you right from the onset is amazing.

The sheer number of contents and challenges make Need for Speed: No Limits a free-to-play mobile game without the difficult learning curve, or anything “difficult” for that matter. It is a game best played in short bursts rather than playing it for long hours.


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