GE GFWR4805FMC Review – Get Rid of Those Troublesome Stains

At its core, the GE GFWR4805FMC is a front-loading washing machine. What sets this model apart given that the washing machine sector is already fairly crowded? Aside from some notable upgrades here and there, it has a stainless-steel drum which is designed to last longer than your average plastic variants. It also has a larger load capacity and some extra cleaning cycles. But aside from these, GE’s contender doesn’t offer much of anything else.

GE GFWR4805FMC Review - Get Rid of Those Troublesome Stains

The GE GFWR4805FMC Excels at Stain Removal, and That’s About it

The GE GFWR4805FMC does prides itself in removing stains. It can even easily beat the likes of LG’s WM5000HVA. If you do get GE’s model for its performance alone, then you will have a washing machine that can satisfy all your stain removal needs. However, it does miss out on some of the premium luster which you should be expecting for its price point.

In the point-of-view of its design, it is one good-looking machine. It has a metallic dark-gray finish and there are some stainless-steel accents thrown here and there. However, it still doesn’t have the same kind of luxury as LG’s WM5000VA.

It has a display, while functional for what it’s worth, looks very cluttered. Also, there’s only a handful of standard mechanical buttons instead of its contender’s touchscreen interface.

Nonetheless, there are still things that can be loved about this model, especially when it comes to its features. It comes with Normal, Delicates/Hand Wash, Single Item, Basket Clean, Bulky/Bedding, Power Clean, Sanitize and Allergen, Towels/Sheets, Speed Wash, Rinse+Spin, Whites, and Power Clean. All of these features can be accessed with the centrally located turn dial, which is very simple to use.

There are also a lot of other controls placed in the console of the GE GFWR4805FMC Washing Machine, but it does look like a chaotic mess. It can also be troubling to find a specific option, especially when you’re looking at its alarm-clock-style display. It can be nearly impossible to read, unless you’re facing it directly or from the right side of said display.

While GE’s washing machine is indeed tough on stains, it can also be tougher on fabric. It translates to clothes being rough-handled while inside the unit. Overall, many would give stain removal more weight in using a washing machine due to express purpose of removing spots and stains.

So if you’re looking for a good washing machine which can handle heavy stains, then GE GFWR4805FMC might be your first pick. Do note that it is definitely not cheap, but you are paying for stain removal performance here, as well as large capacity and more cleaning cycles.


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