Naughty Dog Might Have Just Accidentally Leaked News About a Sequel for ‘The Last of Us’

Naughty Dog Might Have Just Accidentally Leaked News About a Sequel for 'The Last of Us'

In a recent livestream by the guys from videogame developers Naughty Dog, they might have just leaked news that they are already working on the sequel to The Last of Us. One of the guys accidentally said that the ‘first’ installment of the game, then quickly fumbles after that which may point of him realizing his mistake. The slip was caused by Josh Scherr, who is the writer for all of the Uncharted games and including the “first installment” of the Last of Us game.

Naughty Dog Employees Accidentally Leaked the News About The Sequel to The Last of Us

Upon realizing his mistake in the livestream, Baldwin immediately tried to correct his mistake by saying, “Uh, did I say the “first” Last of Us? The first The Last of Us. Uh…” His fumble made just about everyone assume that the company is indeed working on the much awaited sequel to the award-winning game. But do take note that it may also be an honest-to-goodness fumble and there may be no progress yet for the sequel. After all, the stream was in a live-event so Scherr may just really had a slip of the tongue and nothing is going on about the game yet. So readers be warned as to not get your hopes too high.

It is also possible that they were referring to the Last of Us DLC, entitled Left Behind. The stream was for an event for the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and it might have been that the writer was just having his thoughts mixed up. The Uncharted game they were livestreaming as a single disc which contains all three games. Hence, Scherr’s brain might have had a bit of a minor confusion about the entire ordeal which resulted in the slip up. It could also mean that the guys were talking about the keyframe from the “first” installment of the game. This is the hand animation that Naughty Dog has used in every game up to their latest one which is Uncharted 4. This Nathan Drake collection will also include The Last of Us and the Left Behind DLC. So when the writer explains it on the livestream, he may be referring to the first of the three games in the disc.  Still, it would be great if Naughty Dog was already in the works for The Last of Us sequel. While the rumor mill continues to churn, gamers around the world can only hope that this will turn into a reality soon.


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