MSI and Corsair Bands Together to Create the GTX 980 Ti

MSI and Corsair Bands Together to Create the GTX 980 Ti

Introducing the liquid cooled GeForce GTX 980 Ti – a stunning creation brought to you by MSI and Corsair. This is a liquid cooled graphics card made to handle some serious graphic specifications for your computer. Perhaps one of the weird things about this is that MSI and Corsair have different names for this single computer peripheral, although both companies have confirmed customers need not worry as it is just the same graphics card. MSI has named it their Sea Hawk, while Corsair calls it its Hydro GFX. Another known difference aside from different names coming from both tech companies, is their selling portals. MSI will sell it through their retail channels whereas Corsair will allow their customers to purchase it through their website.

 The GTX 980 Ti is the Love Child Between MSI and Corsair

The GTX 980 Ti graphics card consists of the Corsair Hydro Series H55 liquid cooler that cools an integrated aluminum bracket.  Corsair states that it keeps the memory, power circuitry, and GPU at temperatures that are 30 percent cooler than standard cards. This is all the while the computer is running at higher clock speeds with no throttling involved, while also boosting the GPU clock to 20 percent, and the upping the graphics performance to about 15 percent.

The GPU found in this GeForce graphics card has an amount of 1190/1291 MHz base/boost clock. The numbers are clocked 20 percent faster than the standard graphics card. This new “love child” of MSI and Corsair brings a 15 percent overall performance boost to computer graphics. The device also has an allocated 6GB DDR5 memory at 7096 MHz over a 384-bit interface. This graphics card uses up 250 watts of power while requiring a 600-watt minimum PSU. When taking a look at its outputs, it has three of them – a DisplayPort 1.2, a Dual Link DVH, and an HDMI 2.0 slot.

The GeForce GTX 980 Ti Hydro GXF / Sea Hawk graphics card will fit any computer tower, provided that there is room for its 10.5 x 4.376-inch dimensions, along with a spare 120mm mount for the cooler attached to the peripheral. The graphics card will be released in October of this year in the United States. One of the main problems of running high-spec graphics is that graphics cards tend to overheat. With Hydro GFX / Sea Hawk, that won’t be much of a problem any longer. Gamers can enjoy better graphics for their games, and video or movie enthusiasts can enjoy higher-resolution videos without the worry of their graphics card overheating when they have the GTX 980 Ti.


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