Install the iOS 9 Now to Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

Install the iOS 9 Now to Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

Although hackers are still not taking smartphones as their primary targets, you can’t be too careful, especially when you have an iPhone. Updating your Apple smartphone from iOS 8 to iOS 9 is just like updating your taxes – you just have to get it done. Sure, you can leave it all for later, but that will leave all of your data inside your handset to be vulnerable to hackers. We’re not talking about “hacking” (if you could call it that) when you leave your social media account open then your friend decides to post something stupid; what we’re talking about here is the real deal, like someone taking over your phone, extracting your files, and even using your hidden information. So if you have precious info, like your Social Security Number or your credit card information locked away inside your Apple phone, update your operating system now to get an upgrade on security functions.

Updating Your iPhone from iOS 8 to iOS 9 Presents Better Security

The iOS 9 for the iPhone presents two security improvements. One is that it has a stronger pass code feature. Also, there’s an additional security precaution for logging in. Hence, you won’t have to worry about your friend logging into your social media accounts when you leave your phone to go to the bathroom. But seriously, with these additional updates to security, hackers will have to bypass two strong security measures before getting into the data found in your phone. This is like securing your house with two thick concrete walls with gates that only you have the key to get inside.

Apple iPhone users should jump into the opportunity. Like with any other major Apple operating system update, it is completely free. Jumping from iOS 8 to iOS 9 will automatically include the advanced security measures. Therefore, there’s practically nothing to lose.  As an added enticement, Apple’s update works with any iPhone or iPad that were made for the last 3 years. While the new update takes a bit of a toll to storage space, it should be a road worth taken anyway. You can always store your precious videos, pictures, and App data through cloud storage, or even connect your device to the computer then store them through iTunes. With the update on the iPhone‘s operating system, securing your valuable information found in your handset is of utmost priority. While there hasn’t been any reports about major hacking for Apple’s smartphones as of late, you can never be too careful.


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