Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle Review – This is Not Your Ordinary Kettle

The Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is more than your average tea kettle. It has presets for brewing tea at ideal temperatures. There are also other features included, such as the internal sleep timer. This tea maker and kettle does more than just boil water to your liking. For spending just a little bit extra than your ordinary tea kettle, you can have this device and let it match the water to your specific needs. Users are also able to keep tabs on the steeping time. The appliance is also compact so it does not hinder much when it comes to storage or shelf space.

Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle Review - This is Not Your Ordinary Kettle

The Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is a Compact and Capable Appliance

Upon first glance, the Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle bears minimal, or even no resemblance to that of a drip coffeemaker. Therefore, it does not require the bulky hardware to flush down hot water to the coffee grounds placed inside. Also, it does not use separate containers to hold the water and brewer liquids. Also, it does not have any kind of display.

If you’re looking for a larger version of the tea maker, drip coffee machine, or kettle, then you’re not going to find it in this device. This is by no means a large kitchen appliance. What it is a beautifully compact machine that only measures 10.1-inches in height, 6.8-inches in width, and 7.8-inches deep. Therefore, it poses no problem for you to find it a small corner space inside your kitchen for the tea maker.

Despite it being a compact kitchen device, it does come packed with plenty of brewing options. There are a series of six buttons which can be found in a ring around the kettle which runs along the front edge of the base of the appliance. These circular, metallic buttons will either command the Mr. Coffee Tea Maker to heat the water supply placed inside to the boiling point (which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit), or allow the user to choose between temperatures found in a variety of other presets. Specifically speaking, users are able to brew the right temperatures for “Black/Herbal,” “Oolong,” “Green,” and “White.”

The Mr. Coffee Tea Maker and Kettle is a simple device and it is still not perfect. There are times when the tea maker will overshoot the temperatures of presets, making the lack of a display to be quite confusing. Other than that, it is still a versatile and compact kitchen appliance to have for tea and coffee lovers alike.


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