Monkey – Make Your Existing Intercom Smarter

Monkey is a solution to upgrade your intercom to have smart control. With this device, it will allow you to enjoy all the benefits that are found in a smart lock without having to change a single thing for our door.

Monkey - Make Your Existing Intercom Smarter

Monkey Makes Your Intercom Smarter

With Monkey, you can enter your home hands-free. You can gain access to a keyless entry without having to change your existing lock system for your door. This is great when you’ve just arrived home from the grocery store and you’re carrying a lot of bags. Setting the bags aside then rummaging around your bag may seem like a suitable solution for type of scenario, but why do this when you can just approach your main entrance and the door will automatically open for you. When combined with your existing smart lock on your door, it will allow for keyless entry.

Another feature for this device is that it allows you to remotely control your intercom. You can open your main entrance door through the dedicated Monkey app. You can do this from anywhere around your home – while you’re lazing around in your couch, or even while you’re taking a bath. You can even take control of the intercom while anywhere around the world since the device is connected wirelessly.

This way, you can let guests in conveniently. For example, you’re just on your way home and you’re stuck in traffic and you’re expecting someone to drop by your home. Instead of letting them wait outside the house (the poor soul), you can just let them get in with the use of the app. To set this, you can simply set a time window for your main entrance door to open automatically when a person rings at the right time.

To sum it all up, there are three ways to open the door using this device. One is through the location of the smartphone that is connected to the home network, another is based on command via the app, and the last is based on the time window setting plus the ringing.

Monkey is compatible with all intercoms. Repeating that statement for more emphasis – compatible with all intercoms. It is connected with the use of Wi-Fi and there is no battery involved. It will seamlessly be integrated to the power supply of your intercom so there is no need to worry about any battery dying out, because there is none. Those who are interested in purchasing this product will be able to apply for a crowdfunding package over at its page at Kickstarter.


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