Decibullz – Custom Molded Earbuds

Decibullz are not your ordinary Bluetooth headphones as they are easily molded to get the exact shape of your ears. This way, they bring a comfortable, noise isolating, and secure audio experience. These are inspired by wearable technology and could be the future of wireless earphones as we know it.

Decibullz - Custom Molded Earbuds

Decibullz Can Fit Just About Any Shape of Ear

Decibullz are the world’s first custom molded wireless earphones. They will always have a unique custom-fit to keep the headphones secure and comfortable as it provides superior noise isolation. There is also an Easy Fit system that will take shaping, and even re-shaping, very simple and quick. To do this, just heat the earpieces in hot water then shape them in the form of your ears.

The Decibullz earphones are built with the latest in Bluetooth technology. This is to allow for top quality audio and performance. Those who are interested in getting these can get them as early as March of 2016 as an early-bird special over at their crowdfunding page in Kickstarter. These earphones are also available in 7 color options for extra customizations. It is also compatible with most tablet, smartphones, and even computers. There is also an in-line remote and microphone for taking and receiving calls.

The looks of these earphones are not the only feature that’s unique, as the audio is exceptional as well. These custom molds will soften in hot water and can lose temperature quite quickly while all the time maintaining their moldable qualities. This will allow the earpieces to be shaped comfortable while inside the ear. Once these earpieces are cooled, they will stay in that shape until they are re-heated.

With state-of-the-art wireless technology combined with the innovative earpieces, these earphones will give you “wired” audio quality. According to the company that made these, they have an all-new sound engine that will be specially tuned for use to assist with the custom molds. Audio performance promises a powerful, balanced, and crisp audio quality.

The aim of Decibullz is to allow different types of people to enjoy the music they like without the hassle of changing earphones depending on the situation. In other words, this may be your all-in-one earphones to bring for any scenario or activity. Whether you’re playing videogames at home, or out and about around town riding your bike, these will be your greatest companion while you’re doing whatever it is that you love.


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