Mitsubishi Motors – Japanese Car Manufacturer Admits to Manipulating Some of Their Fuel Efficiency Tests

Mitsubishi Motors had its name tarnished by a massive recall cover-up that happened 15 years ago. Now, the popular Japanese automaker has owned up to another scandal. This time around, the company’s employees had intentionally falsified fuel mileage data for many of their vehicle models.

Mitsubishi Motors - Japanese Car Manufacturer Admits to Manipulating Some of Their Fuel Efficiency Tests

Mitsubishi Motors Fesses Up to Falsifying Fuel Mileage Data

The inaccuracy of the results brought about by the tests made by Mitsubishi Motors has involved 157,000 of their own eK wagon and eK space light passenger vehicles, as well as 468,000 Dayz and Dayz Roox vehilces that are produced for NIssan. These vehicles are all so-called “minicars” as they have thiny engines whose best attraction is generally its great mileage. They were all produced starting 2013 on the month of March.

With this latest scandal, it adds to the list of issues that involve Mitsubishi as they have been busted for inflating fuel mileage or providing faulty emissions data. The accusations and faults surfaced right after Nissan pointed out that there are various inconsistencies in data, the Japanese automaker said.

The Japanese car manufacturer then conducted an internal probe and found out that information pertaining to tire pressure was falsified in order to make mileage better than it intentionally was. Tatsuro Aikawa, president, told reporters the following: “The wrongdoing was intentional. It is clear the falsification was done to make the mileage look better. But why they would resort to fraud to do this is still unclear.” After making the statement, Mr. Aikawa, along with other company executives, bowed in apology.

A spokeswoman for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was checking to see if the company had sold the aforementioned vehicles in United States shores. The EPA lists that there are 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage subcompact vehicles with a three-cylinder engine which are among the highest in the US for petrol-powered cars. The Japanese car company said that they would investigate whether their data was altered for other vehicles as well.

Mitsubishi Motors is not the only car manufacturer that has given false emissions or mileage figures. Volkswagen has already admitted that 11-million of their diesel-powered vehicles had a software that cheated on emissions tests. This would turn on pollution controls for government tests and would also shut them off during real-world riving. In 2012, Kia Motors and Hyundai admitted that they have overstated their fuel economy readings for 1.2-million of their vehicles. Both of these companies have paid a fine of US$100-million to settle a US investigation.


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