Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – More Information Leaves Fans on Edge

A few weeks ago (at the time of writing), the world got a good glimpse of video clips and screenshots pertaining to the movement and combat found in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The information presented then showcased new moves, as well as new gear, that will be available for Faith (the game’s protagonist) that weren’t in the previous title. Still continuing to keep fans of the game “on edge,” Dice has released more screenshots. This time around, we get to see details on the enemy types that Faith has to face within the new installment of the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - More Information Leaves Fans on Edge

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Showcases its Enemies

The first up on the list of enemies found in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the Guardian. But do note this guardian won’t be the one protecting your hide. This type of enemy will be your ordinary goon that will pop up in most of the game’s scenarios. Think about them as the Goombas found in the Mario universe. For experienced players, these won’t prove much of a challenge from the start.

After the Guardians, you will find the Protector class. For this class, it does take things a step further as they a notch better than those ordinary goons. Protectors will are better hitters and have better resistance. Also, they are more likely to counter-attack if you keep on doing the same attack patterns to them.

Think about riot-stoppers and you get the Shock Protectors. These Mirror’s Edge Catalyst enemies are better known as an even better version than protectors. While damage is more of on par with that of the Protectors, they have better resistance, resilience, and training when it comes to riot control. They even have the advantage of using the Kinetic Pacifier weapon. To take these out quickly, Faith needs to maintain momentum of her parkour skills (with your help, of course) and use the force to knock out these guys quick.

Next up we have the enforcers. These guys are the long-range threats but they do have little close-combat training. Therefore, it is better to run up to them quick and take them out first before things get out of hand real fast.

The last enemy showcased in the list of enemies found in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the Sentinel. These are the best of the best, the elite amongst the elite, or simply put – these guys are tough. They are also fast and quite lethal if you’re caught off-guard. To deal with these guys, aerial attacks will be your best bet.


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