Final Fantasy XV – Release Date and New Demo Confirmed

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV puts all rumors about its release date to rest as the recent Uncovered event officially announced that the game will launch on September 30th of this year. The game gets to be released almost 10 years after it has first been announced. It has been such a long time for the title to be in development, so much so that it wasn’t titled as such in the first place. Long-time fans of the Final Fantasy series even knew Noctis to be part of what was supposed to be Final Fantasy XIII: Versus. Along with the release date comes a whole bunch of other announcements and releases brought about by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV - Release Date and New Demo Confirmed

Final Fantasy XV Brings a Ton of Surprises to the World in the Recently Held Uncovered Event

It was earlier leaked by Gamespot that the release date for Final Fantasy XV is going to be on September 30, 2016. While the evidence does seem pretty strong at that time, many were still skeptical about it since Square Enix was not the one that announced the release date first. However, the recently held event put all skepticism to rest and even confirmed that the release date leaked by Gamespot was, in fact, very true.

In addition, there is also a new demo available out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles called Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo. In this demo, players will take on the role of a very young Noctis in a dream sequence. While in the dream sequence, all of Noctis’ weapons gets to be child-friendly. Therefore, instead of having swords and other bladed weaponry as his arsenal, you will get what appears to be a toy sword and a squeaky hammer. You will even have a cute Carbuncle that will assist and follow you around throughout most of the demo.

As an added bonus, players who will get to complete the Platinum Demo will be able to have an exclusive DLC for when the full game gets to be released. This downloadable content will be in the form of a Carbuncle summon for the adult version of Noctis to use in-game. It is unclear as to what Carbuncle’s effect will be in the upcoming Final Fantasy videogame, but speculations tell that it will have to do something about its staple effect throughout the franchise which is give everyone in the party the Reflect status.

A bunch of other announcements (15 in total) were made within the Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered event other than the release date and the demo. There’s even a mobile version of the pinball game from the console game that is compatible for iOS and Android devices.


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