MiP Robot – The Toy That Can Balance A Lot of Things

MiP Robot - The Toy That Can Balance A Lot of Things

The MiP Robot can balance a lot of things, even itself! Well, not really, but it can balance another one of its kind with its tray and both toys won’t fall off. The robot is an inquisitive and highly responsive toy with a personality. It can be communicate through its motion, the sounds it makes, and its RGB LED eyes. The MiP can be your new robot friend. It is equipped with a GestureSense technology. This feature allows the robot to respond to numerous motions. These include your hand or even a moving object. There is always a sense of effortless navigation coupled with endless hours of fun when your with this robot buddy.

The MiP Robot is a Fun and Interactive Friend to Play With

The MiP Robot can be controlled through its unique motion sensors, or owners can control it through their Android or iOS smartphones. Users can download an app that will enable them to control the robot through their mobile phone or tablet. With said app, they can let the robot drive, battle, balance something, and dance just to name a few of its many commands.

Why is the MiP Robot toy very immersive? Because it knows if it is given some praise over the things it did, or if it has been pushed down. Doing the latter will result in one angry robot (and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?).

Aside from controlling the robot with the app, its GestureSense allows you to give it certain commands with just your hand. For instance, you can gesture a “follow me” to the robot toy and it will do just that! There is also a cute game wherein you can stack as many items or objects on its tray before the timer runs out. You would be amazed as to how many things this, err… thing can carry.

When you’re done giving it basic commands, you can also make the robot do certain tricks. For example, you can swipe your hand in all directions, then clap twice. Afterwards, the MiP will play the hand gestures back at you. Anything you throw at this robot, it can do better.

But if you’re tired of playing with it for a while, you can take a breather by letting the MiP Robot explore on its own. Watch as to how it reacts to certain items as it is highly responsive to its surroundings. It can detect various objects that are blocking it way, learns that they are there, then it will find a different route to continue on its way. Overall, everything about this toy robot is loads of immersive fun.

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