Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N – What’s the Difference?

Besides being made from two different mobile developers, comparing the Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N at the time of writing is like comparing night from day. The former mobile operating system has been developed by a company which has been known to release update after update for their existing devices. Doing so has changed the way how markets within the tech industry work. Competitors, such as the Android division, have also launched their next generation mobile operating system to put one up over the competition.

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N - What's the Difference?

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N are Battling it Out, But There Might Already be an Early Winner

Between Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N, there are many things to compare but the most obvious one is that the former is developed by, well, Microsoft and the latter by Google. However, the comparisons stem further than that. It should also be noted that these two mobile platforms are yet to be released to the mass public but early comparisons are already on the rise.

First, there’s the Google Android N OS; there are already some users that are already getting to experience the Android N mobile operating system via the developer’s package. As for what the “N” stands for, it is still a mystery but many are claiming that it is some kind of dessert as this is the trend for Google’s line of operating systems (i.e. KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow).

After the 6.0 Marshmallow update, Android N has been rolled out rather quickly which has quite given a shock to the mobile industry. However, the latest operating system by Google seems to be quite the keeper as it brings about performance improvements and new features for many to enjoy. For instance, the new addition of a split-screen feature will allow many Android mobile users to easily multi-task between apps. It also changed the way how the notifications system works and looks. It also promises to bolster battery life and does a better job in terms of RAM consumption.

So what about the Windows 10 Mobile? It has been announced since the past few months that it will be releasing but it’s not just happening as of late. Therefore, there’s really not much to say about the latest Microsoft mobile operating system. Public interest has now been seen to be dwindling down, and the tech giant needs to announce something soon lest their loyal clients may lose interest altogether.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and Android N operating systems are both expected to give unique experiences to differentiate the former from the latter (or vice versa). While Microsoft’s mobile OS is expected to be fully-released pretty soon, the Android N update will not be released for another five or six months for it to reach regular users.


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