Microsoft OneNote – Now Offers Evernote Migration Tool

While there are many rivals seen in the tech industry, you wouldn’t think that the note-taking category has it as well as Microsoft OneNote has recently fired shots in rival program Evernote. The tech company is trying to lure out Evernote users with a new tool for people to migrate to their note-taking application. Microsoft just released a beta version of the OneNote importer tool just recently and it allows users from the startup company’s note-taking service.

Microsoft OneNote - Now Offers Evernote Migration Tool

Microsoft OneNote Now Offers Evernote Users to Migrate

Using the new tool from Microsoft OneNote, the entire process of migration from Evernote will take as little as 15-minutes. Those 15-minutes was done with importing approximately 1,000 notes from Evernote. However, there are reports that it is not all perfect as Microsoft’s tool could not import some notes. This is largely based on the note/file having large media attachments. For instance, if a 50MB audio file is attached in one note, it can’t be imported automatically and would thus have to be done manually.

For those who have a lot of notes with large media attachments in Evernote, you might have to wait until OneNote gets improved. It’s not just that it could not handle large files, the Microsoft migration tool still has a lot of areas for improvement. Those areas of concern would be based on feedback from users after sometime after the release of the beta phase of the tool. The company would then use the gathered information for the improvements and fixing of issues on said tool.

Importing files from Evernote into OneNote exposes the key differences between the two note-taking services – design. For Microsoft’s service, it looks like a physical notebook with allocated tabbed sections for easier categorizing and searching. For Evernote, however, the look is vastly different; the notes are contained in different notebooks which just seems like a bucket of files. Think Dropbox but for text-based files.

Merging the two services is seen as an exercise of negotiating differences. For one, there’s an option found in Evernote tags as tabs in Microsoft OneNote’s notebooks. These should mean that all notes that would have a specific tag were put under one tab in a work notebook. However, it can only work so well as most users would have multiple tags in one notebook, hence further issues that need fixing.

Darren Austin, director of product management for Microsoft OneNote, says that some users like their product’s design and architecture because of the notebook-tab-page look. This is something that can easily be grasped and even those new to the service can adopt fairly quickly.


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