Microsoft Surface Phone – Features That Users Want to See

Microsoft is known to be a leader in the technology space as many would choose the brand first over many; however, when it comes to the mobile sector, things can get pretty rough as they having a hard time battling it out with major competitors such as Samsung and Apple, and perhaps the only thing that can save them is if their anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone would kill just about every other flagship handset on the market.

Microsoft Surface Phone - Features That Users Want to See

Many are Highly Anticipating the Microsoft Surface Phone

In order for the Microsoft Surface Phone to succeed in the mobile space, it needs to do something out of the ordinary. There are many smartphones right now that have the “seen it, done that” sort of vibe. Hence, if Microsoft wants to make a killing with their anticipated smartphone, they have to really push their thinking caps to the limits and develop something that’s out of the box.

For instance, they can ditch the plastic or metal exteriors for practically any other material. Think about it – almost every Windows phone on the market looks and feels the same way, well, similarly at best. However, Android smartphone makers would settle for different types of materials for the exteriors of their handsets such as steel, glass, ceramic, aluminum, and there’s even the inclusion of wood (well, sort of). On the other hand, Microsoft seems to only have one material in its bag – plastic.

Aside from going for another type of material, the Surface Phone should have a premium design. People already know that the Surface Hybrid device is already a premium gadget (and a very outstanding one at that). Therefore, there are those who would not mind paying top dollar for a smartphone that can cater to a lot of their needs and would also deliver that “bling” factor.

Furthermore, why not also join in on certain trends, such as the addition of a stylus. There are tech manufacturers as of late that would include a stylus in their gadgets to make their devices focus more on productivity. Even though stylus pens have never found enough takers, even with heightened technology, Microsoft should still be able to draw inspiration from the likes of Samsung or Apple.

Last but not the least on this list, the Microsoft Surface Phone should be able to deliver something new in terms of its software; more specifically speaking that of its user-interface. There are many who are already fed up with how the UI of Windows phones look. Therefore, it may be perhaps time for a definite and drastic change in this department.


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