Microsoft – Staying Committed to Learning AI Even After Incident With Tay

Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, stated that the firm is still committed to the idea of artificial intelligence bots to the emerging tech industry despite the firm’s first Internet chat bot was manipulated by users. Tay, the company’s learning chat bot, soon learned about how to actually troll users. So much so that it learned how to spout racist and highly offensive comments. Because of this incident, the company had no choice but to shut it down. However, it does not stop the company from giving more efforts towards the project.

Microsoft - Staying Committed to Learning AI Even After Incident With Tay

Microsoft Still Committed to Giving Efforts to Creating Better Artificial Intelligence-Based Chat Software

The Microsoft CEO states, “It’s a simple concept, yet it’s very powerful.” He said this about the project dubbed as Conversations as a Platform. He then continued by saying, “It is about taking the power of human language and applying it more pervasively in all our computing.”

This was delivered as part of a keynote speech at the company’s recent Build conference in San Francisco. The event was made to target developers as well as those interested in learning about the company’s latest and on-going projects. Part of the conference even held an announcement about Microsoft Windows will soon be able to work with the Bash Shell which was originally made for Linux systems.

While still in the event, Nadella outlined the company’s strategy for conversation-based products while working with bots or artificial intelligences. They plan on using software that uses bots to automate tasks. This also serves as a starting point and a gateway for developers to create their own learning AI.

The company’s CEO has been trying to expand the firm’s reach and influence pertaining to the subject of artificial intelligence. Nadella emphasizes how the technology will be able to augment products within the cloud-computing and mobile categories. His goal is to let the bot strategy become a key way to bringing artificial intelligence to businesses, developers, and even towards consumers. The chief executive officer predicts that such applications will be able to dominate the next generation of computing, thereby being able to replace certain apps in some scenarios and environments.

In March 23, Microsoft released Tay which is an online chatting AI that is able to mimic the personality of a teenager. The company’s goal was to attract millennial users but their plans were shut down by Internet trolls as these users taught it how to blurt out racist, pornographic, and even sexist remarks. The company calls this a “coordinated attack” as they took advantage of a project with a clean goal into something unpleasant. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop the tech giant from achieving their ultimate goals of bringing better AI into the world.


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