Mexico City – Smog Continues to be a Major Problem for Businesses

Businesses in Mexico City have warned on Tuesday that because of traffic restrictions, it cost them more than $300-million since April as authorities have banned nearly half of the vehicles, once more, because of the city’s high smog levels.

Mexico City - Smog Continues to be a Major Problem for Businesses

Traffic Restrictions in Mexico City Cost Business $300-Million Since Last Month

This is the second time from last month wherein the government kept 40-percent of the 5.5-million vehicles located in Mexico City off of its streets because air pollution exceeded that of satisfactory limits. The city’s government then imposed temporary rules back on the 5th of April wherein it had banned 20-percent of the cars. The rules apply depending on a car’s plate numbers, in which are imposed every day until the 30th of June. The move was done primarily because the number doubles on days that ozone levels surpass a measurement of 150-points.

On Tuesday, the latest alert was then activated because the ozone levels had exceeded 160-points on Monday. Even though new alerts were imposed, air quality within Mexico was still bad during Tuesday afternoon. This had prompted authorities that there will now be 40-percent that would remain off the road again on Wednesday.

The temporary measures have so fat cost more than $300-million, as per The Chamber of Small Services and Tourism Commerce of Mexico City. The statement has been directed towards residents, service providers, and small shops whose transportation has been restricted because of the temporary rules.

Arturo Espinoza, a manager of the bakery La Universal which is located at a busy downtown avenue, stated to News24 that his business is now losing approximately $1,700 a day due to “our bread distribution is affected.”

Authorities are urged by the chamber of commerce to find other ways to improve the air quality within the city as these rules, albeit temporary, are affecting businesses drastically. The measures are now affecting more than 20-million people along with 5.5-million vehicles.

The chamber of commerce said the following in a statement: “The vehicle ban clearly does not solve the problem, it generates high costs for the population and it weakens the city’s economic activity.” The group explained that the authorities should not wait until the end of such extraordinary measures on the 3oth of June just for them to present a strategy to combat the city’s problem of air pollution.

One suggestion is that Mexico City take on modernizing public transport. The chamber stated that the city needs to combat “corruption” at vehicle emission test centers in which these businesses allow polluting cars to stay on the roads.


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