Apple – Partners With Sap to Create iPhone and iPad Apps for Businesses

Apple and SAP SE are now joining forces to deliver software for iPads and iPhones as they open up a new business venture for the tech giant to reach businesses while in a time wherein sales of their hardware division have tapered.

Apple - Partners With Sap to Create iPhone and iPad Apps for Businesses

Apple Inc and SAP SE Joins Forces to Deliver Software to Businesses

For the role of SAP in this particular venture, they will develop hundreds of apps that are specifically designed for the Apple iOS operating system. These applications will be targeted towards retailers, industrial field technicians, and for doctors. The companies will then release a software development kit which will become available by the end of this year. This is in order to let SAP customers, as well as its consultants, to write native apps for the Cupertino, California-based tech firm and its devices to which it will take advantage of certain features such as touch sign-in and location functionalities.

Because of the deal between SAP SE and Apple Inc., it has the potential to attract millions of software developers and even sell off millions of devices. Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive Officer, along with Bill McDermott, SAP Chief Executive Officer, had stated that following in an Interview: ” I think back to 2008 when we opened the App Store for consumers,” Cook explained. “This is sort of the equivalent of that for the enterprise space. Enterprise has not really taken advantage of all the great things that happen with mobility.”

This particular agreement had been sealed by the two CEOs on October of last year, and it would give Apple access to about tens of thousands of companies that run SAP’s business software along with about 2.5-million developers who customize their applications. SAP’s programs are known to manage operations which include manufacturing, human resources, sales, and accounting.

This is not the first time wherein Apple teamed up with another company to create iOS apps. Two years ago, the technology giant partnered with International Business Machines Corp. in order to develop dozens of applications for the mobile iOS operating system which are targeted towards industries. These targeted business sectors include health care, air travel, and energy. Furthermore, it was only last year when the Cupertino, California-based company formed a pact with Cisco System Inc.. With this pact, it makes it easier for white-collar job holders to take calls and videoconferences just with the use of their iPhones and iPads. Back in September, the firm introduced the iPad Pro, which is a tablet targeted for business users as it has a larger screen and it also comes with a stylus.


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