Master X Master – Another Entry in the MOBA Market

When the Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is heavily dominated by known titles, such as DOTA and League of Legends, what does Master X Master have in store for gamers? The first time that you lay your eyes on this game, you will be more likely to brought with a baffling experience as to what this game is all about. It has isometric viewpoints, which MOBAs are already known for. Furthermore, this game is unsurprisingly being brought to PCs only. However, developer NCSoft took great pains into differentiating this title from other existing MOBAs, even claiming it to lean more towards the action-based criteria.

Master X Master - Another Entry in the MOBA Market

What Does Master X Master Have in Store for Gamers?

NCSoft explains that there are many unique aspects to be found in Master X Master. To start, it is a bit more fast-paced and dynamic than what you would expect from other titles in the genre. While there are games that refer to the characters as champions or heroes, the characters in this one are called (you guessed it) masters.

Some characters will be familiar, especially to fans of games from NCSoft. There is Rytlock Brimstone who is taken from Guild Wars 2, Mondo Zax from Wildstar, Jin Seo Yeon from Blade & Soul, and other characters found from Aion and Lineage 2.

One of the more unique elements found in Master X Master (PC) is the use of the dual master system. This is when you will select two masters at the start of the game instead of the usual one. Matches will now be in the form of tag-team battles all throughout the match. For example, you can pick a tank-type character who can dish out intense damage from an enemy, and pick a more damage-based character, like an assassin-type, for your second master.

There is also a Player versus Environment element in this game, and it is not just the case of playing against bots being controlled by AI. There are stages that have bosses and monster-fights, and those levels have their own set of objectives in which players will try to complete. This mode even has its own storyline.

Seeing all this, Master X Master seems like a definite must-try as it does stir things up a bit in the MOBA gaming category. While many MOBAs have gameplays that are nearly similar to one another, the addition of tag-team and PvE elements really do separate this title from the rest.


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