Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review – Smash the Court

We all know Mario is a plumber, but he’s also a tennis player, especially in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. He is known to give his all in other sports as well. The Italian plumber we all know and love is known for other sports games such as golf, football, winter sports, motorsports, and even board games (if you can count that as sports). But for now, we’re going to take a look at Nintendo’s game wherein Mario and his pals smash up the tennis court with their skills.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review - Smash the Court

Play Tennis With Mario and His Pals in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash videogame is actually the 6th tennis-style game for the lovable Italian plumber. While the core gameplay has been around for quite a while, it would be hard for the teams of Nintendo to get the basics wrong. Matches will be in the form of regular tennis: solo or two-player. Basically, it’s singles or doubles. The controls still feel every bit as snappy and responsive as with the other previous Mario Tennis titles.

Like with just about every other tennis game in existence, the new Mario Tennis game for the Wii U is styled to let players predict where the next shot will be coming and going. Getting to that spot quickly then powering, or finessing, your shot back to your opponent can be done with a selection of ground-strokes, volleys, and smashes that are all within your disposal.

This game will kindly color-code targets that are shown where the ball is going to land. This way, it recommends a specific return shot. But don’t think about this as easy as you still need to deliver the right shot to make it count. It’s not automatic if that’s what you’re expecting. With the right timing and controls, you can smash the ball back over to your opponent’s side of the court with an unstoppable ultra smash attack.

Furthermore, what would a Mario game be without any powerups? For example, there’s the giant-mushroom power-up which can turn any player into, well, obviously larger versions of themselves.

However, even though the visuals look very Mario-like, which is a lovely piece of work, the game feels like yet another repeated attempt to make the cartoon-y sports title become a huge success. It was when the first few Mario Tennis games came out, but this time around it just feels like you’re throwing sparks to a dying flame.

Simply put, any hardcore Mario fan will love Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. But for the rest of us, we might just want to stick to Mario jumping on Goombas and Koopa troops instead.


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