Mac – Boosting Your Computer’s Audio Output

Your Mac computer, or practically any Apple device, is known to do great when it comes to audio. But not everyone would prefer an audio output that is just “okay.” There are audiophiles among us, and you may even be one of them. To get more performance out of your Apple computer, where do you go? You can get Boom 2 for your computer and it is an app designed to push the unit’s audio to 11. The application is available at the App Store and it is engineered to work with OS X Yosemite.

Mac - Boosting Your Computer's Audio Output

Boost Your Mac Computer’s Audio With Boom 2

Using Boom 2 for your Mac will let you take advantage of features to enhance the computer’s audio performance. Features include enhancing the volume, equalizing the way the audio sounds (for those who want either more bass or clearer sound response), or you can even add some special effects. Using the application is ideal for squeezing a bit more audio juice, especially if you’re using a MacBook (which are known to have tiny speakers).

The first step to using Boom 2 on your Apple Mac computer is to, of course, download it. Once you have properly installed the software, the application will run a short system diagnostics and configuration process. It will install an audio component, which might take a few minutes of your time. Once everything is done, clicking on the Continue button on the main Equalizer tab to get started.

Once in the Equalizer tab, you can tweak the Boom Volume setting. This portion allows users to boost (or lower down) the volume as they see fit. This option can also be toggled on and off, and can also be raised or decreased with the use of a slider.

As for the equalizer, it lets users manually adjust their audio preference by dragging around frequency points. Dragging the points up or down the Hz.kWz scale will produce varied results. Sound ranges can produce different effects such as boosting or lowering bass, treble, or vocals. But if you don’t like to do it manually, you can make use of the equalizer presets instead. To access the presets, there is a drop-down menu to the right of the application’s window.

Another great feature found in Boom 2 is that you can toggle between Ambience and Fidelity effects for different kinds of audio performance for your Mac. The application also allows users to drag audio or video files into the File Boosting panel. Doing so will create a “boosted” copy.


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