Linsar X24-DVD Review – Perhaps the Most Unique TV You Can Find

The Linsar X24-DVD is not one of your ordinary TVs that you can find in today’s market. To start, it is made from a British brand. Furthermore, it is only 24-inches in size from corner-to-corner. Why is 24-inches such a surprise? Because we are now living in an era wherein most of our time is spent in the company of manufacturers that tend to create television sets that are of 40-inches or more. Another surprising aspect is that despite its rather compact nature, it still strikes a slender rear that is thin enough to carry its own built-in DCD player.

Linsar X24-DVD Review - Perhaps the Most Unique TV You Can Find

The Linsar X24-DVD Presents a World of Potential for its Rather Compact Architecture

Aside from the features mentioned above, the Linsar X24-DVD has yet another trick up its sleeve and that is the inclusion of a soundbar straight out of the standard packaging. It can also be called the TV’s stand for what it can do as it sits neatly below the unit.

Thanks to this built-in soundbar, the X24-DVD will look like no other small TV like you’ve ever seen before. There are similarly-sized television sets that would have built-in speakers instead straight out of the unit’s frame. This one, however, took a different approach. For the screen part, it is fairly straightforward-looking as it displays a 1-centimeter-or-so wide black bezel. It has the chunky silver speaker/stand that the TV sits on which screams anything but normal.

This silver base is deep enough to support the entire weight and size of the TV. It will give the unit a gentle backwards lean as it does not have extra struts or legs. This kind of depth is not so extreme to make the experience difficult. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised that it all makes sense as it hides the built-in DVD player nicely. It is also worth noting that the TV can be wall-mounted if you so desire.

Even though the TV is exceptional in providing a lot of surprises in terms of its features, the weakest link it has is its picture quality. The images it can deliver are pretty basic, but not any more as with the vast majority of small TVs out on the market. The most obvious caveat is the screen’s contrast performance. Dark scenes all look grayed over, and it can be quite the struggle to look into the shadow detail.

For its list of features, the Linsar X24-DVD can surely deliver. It offers a bunch of unique things that may be a first for small TVs everywhere. However, if you can get by with the pictures lacking a lot of punch, then this particular TV is well-worth your cash.


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