Lifx Color 1000 Review – Put More Color Into Your Life

When it comes to brightness (and for comparison’s sake) the Lifx Color 1000 is brighter than that of the Philips Hue. It is also more efficient and can pull off more accurate colors. Another bonus is that it also boasts a better app out of the two. It finishes off everything by featuring a compatibility to IFTTT, the Amazon Echo smart speaker, and the Nest Learning Thermostat just to name a few. Unlike the company’s own Zigbee bulbs, this one is connected through Wi-Fi, which means you no longer need a hub for them, and you definitely no longer have to purchase a pricey starter kit to purchase it.

Lifx Color 1000 Review - Put More Color Into Your Life

The Lifx Color 1000 is Your Budget-Friendly Smart Bulb

Even though it does cost a little more than your standard smart bulb, the Lifx Color 1000 is (in the long run) more cost efficient than many. Especially since you no longer have to purchase a hub or a starter kit to get it. Also, its wealth of features definitely make up for the heft in its price.

The Lifx Color 1000 smart bulb is a more compact version of the original Lifx LED. It still has that same flat-topped design as before, but it is now made to be half an inch shorter. Also, it weighs about 2-ounces less than its predecessor and uses less energy. It only uses 11-watts at peak brightness as compared to the 17-watts from the original.

In spite of the lesser energy readings, it does deliver more light than before. The original one clocked its brightness rating at 956-lumens. Therefore, as its name suggests, this 2nd generation smart bulb can beef out 1000-lumens. With more light and less energy, it is clear that this is a step up above from its older cousin.

As for the app, it offers sixteen separate white-light settings which range from 2,500 to 9,000 K. Dialing the color temperature up or down from the default number of 3,500 K, the brightness will drop off a bit. However, this drop in brightness is more pronounced in the first generation model.

On another note, it should be appreciated that this model was designed to have the brightest part as part of the overall spectrum. This is not the case with the Philips Hue as you still have to search for the sweet spot on your own (which sits about 4,000 K). Unsurprisingly, this is a different color temperature than the bulb’s default.

Ultimately, the Lifx Color 1000 does deliver peak performance and is the most well-rounded smart bulb (that can offer an array of colors) that money can buy. Also, it is clear that this is the more superior model than the Philips Hue.


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