LG – Innotek Division Reveals New Under Glass Fingerprint Sensor

Just recently, the Innotek Division of LG Electronics revealed a new technology called “under glass fingerprint sensor.” Today’s fingerprint sensors are known to be a dedicated surface-level ring. With the electronics giant’s new tech, it will bake the components into the display itself. The Swedish company which is behind the rapid-response scanners found in Google’s latest Android-powered Nexus devices Fingerprint Cards, has recently showed off a similar technology as well. When looking at current standards of technology, we already have the means to make it. Hence, it might mean that it’s only a matter of time that you will be able to simply rest your thumb on the display of your smartphone to unlock the device.

LG - Innotek Division Reveals New Under Glass Fingerprint Sensor

LG Innotek Reveals Under Glass Fingerprint Sensor Technology

The new technology brought about by LG is indeed welcoming news for many smartphone users, especially those who don’t have to grope for a mini-ring every time they want to unlock their mobile devices. It is even more exciting when thinking about this in the minds of smartphone manufacturers, as they are known to grapple around how to install a better way for a great feature as the fingerprint scanner. Until now (at the time of writing), using the scanner requires for a dime-sized hardware and for users to blemish it with their fingerprint in order for the sensor to work.

However, it should be clear upfront that fingerprint scanners are a terrific piece of technology, and we’re not just talking about the ones that can be found in LG smartphones. They are convenient, fast, and will allow users (if they so desire) to opt for a simple yet secure tap on their device to unlock their phone rather than memorizing a long numerical password or swiping around the screen to form a pattern that can take quite a while before you can access the handset.

Today’s smartphone users are already known to be mobile phone addicts, and fingerprint sensors are akin to our always-connected IV drip. When the technology was placed into smartphones, they have improved the way we communicate with our mobile devices and allowed us a quicker access to whatever it is we want to do with the handset.

Still, it cannot be avoided that there are some skeptics to the new technology brought about by LG. While it is a good way to promote security, it is still not perfect. As always, there is some convenience that comes with a bit of cost.


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