Kingdom Hearts – Orchestra About to Travel the World in 2017

There is a new Kingdom Hearts adventure that is brewing but this is one that won’t be available in any gaming system. Square Enix and Disney have just recently announced that the popular videogame title will travel the world in the form of a concert series come next year.

Kingdom Hearts - Orchestra About to Travel the World in 2017

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Will Set Sail Next Year

The concert is called the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour and it will kick off in Japan and the final place for the event will be held in New York. The tour is the first official symphonic concert of the game and it also marks the fifteenth anniversary of the popular Square Enix franchise. The series of concerts will feature the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan, and other world class professional orchestras which will perform a selection of original soundtracks from the RPG. Said role-playing game is popularized by its engaging narrative, exciting gameplay, and its characters that dwell within the realms of both Square Enix and Disney universes. The music will also be accompanied by HD video cinematics that are supervised by Tetsuya Nomura, director.

“The idea of a Kingdom Hearts concert has been in the works for several years, but even so, I was astonished to learn that our music would be performed by a full orchestra, in other countries no less. As the director of the series, I am confident that what we’ve created will touch the hearts of our beloved fans everywhere,” Nomura stated in a press release.

The orchestra will travel to seven cities around the globe, and the entire series will span for three months from March to June of next year. As mentioned earlier, the tour will being in Japan, which will start on the 10th of March, to Paris, France (on the 18th and 19th of March), then to London, UK (on the 24th and 25th of March), then to Singapore (on the 6th and 7th of May), then Shanghai, China (on the 28th of May), then to LA, USA (on the 10th and 14th of June), and lastly to New York City, USA (on the 24th of June).

Ticket sales for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour has already begun its pre-sales on the 30th of April of this year. The concert that will take place next year follows the Final Symphony tour in London in which Square Enix debuted the previous year.


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