LG 55EG960V Review – Contrast-Rich Images Complemented With a Gorgeous Slim Design

The LG 55EG960V presents itself as a substantially more affordable 4K OLED TV than the company’s own 65EC970V. It has a 65-inch screen (measured diagonally), a stunningly slim design, and is capable of delivering gorgeously rich images that is full of contrasty punch.

LG 55EG960V Review - Contrast-Rich Images Complemented With a Gorgeous Slim Design

The LG 55EG960V Delivers Superb Images But is Not Without Shortcomings

Starting with the design aspect of the LG 55EG960V, it is one stunning TV. It comes into the market with a frame that is incredibly narrow; so narrow that is just under one centimeter wide. It sits quite elegantly in the same plane as with the device’s curved screen. The frame is made with a combination of a thin sliver trim combined with a glossy black finish to create a high-end feel. The device comes with a luxurious-looking and elegantly sculpted aluminum stand.

Unlike other TVs, the 55EG960V has one unique aspect in terms of design – it can become more attractive when you turn your gaze to its rear. Why? Because then you would marvel at the TV’s impossible slimness. The entire unit is only a couple of millimeters deep at its extremities. Even though the rear widens over its central third, this kind of depth is neatly hidden away in the screen’s backward curve.

While still on its rear, the TV has a good list of connectivity options. It has three HDMI ports (two of which are built with the standard 2.0 connection and are capable to of handling 4K UHD at 50/60p), three USB ports (one is a 3.0 connection), and a LAN port. It also has built-in Wi-Fi so you can make the TV connect to the home network wirelessly.

To get the best picture settings, this particular TV from LG requires a specific picture set up. The main reason behind this is that it takes quite a bit of work to achieve its best settings. But when you do, you will be met with a contrast/black level performance that is every bit as enjoying as you would expect from OLED technology.

Why does it need to be set up in the first place? Because the unit’s out of the box picture settings will leave pictures a bit too dark. This results in a very noticeable destruction of shadow detail, especially when looking at darker areas. However, if you push the brightness settings too high, then you will get an unexpected yellowish tinge in multiple areas across the image.

So while the image settings for the LG 55EG960V requires a bit of work to achieve, it does not disappoint once you get there. Just think of it as a bit of extra effort to get the best picture experience you can get from a 65-inch 4K UHD OLED TV.


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