League of Legends – Taric Gets a Rework

Riot, the developers of the popular multiplayer online battle arena that is League of Legends, is famous for reworking the game’s champions so that they’re more balanced with each update. The latest champion to receive a rework is Taric.

League of Legends – Taric Gets a Rework

New Things Can be Expected of Taric From League of Legends

It is known that League of Legends is being closely monitored by Riot to provide optimum balance for great gaming experience. For instance, Poppy, a hammer-wielding champion, was seen to be used sparsely after update after update has been made, well until recently that is. Poppy also received a rework and many fans of the game love her new stats and abilities.

So what’s new for Taric? Let’s get started with his passive skill called Bravado. With Bravado, Taric infuses his next two basic attacks whenever he would cast an ability. Furthermore, he is able to swing his weapon faster for these two attacks, and these deal increased damage and reduce the cooldowns of his abilities.

Taric’s Q ability is called Starlight’s Touch. This is the League of Legends’ champion’s core skill. He will heal himself, along with all nearby allies based on the number of charges he stored with this skill. The champion is able to generate up to a maximum of three charges and these will generate over time.

As for his W ability, it is called Bastion, and it has both a passive and an active effect. For the passive part, it will increase Taric’s armor (that’s it). Pressing W will activate its active effect which will let Taric link with an ally. When he and the ally are linked together, Taric will shield them from damage. The active effect of Bastion will remain on the ally until he recasts Bastion to another ally, or if the two champions move far apart from each other to break the link. His new W ability is also the most defining change for his rework.

His E skill is called Dazzle, and it is an active ability. Taric will fire out a short wave of energy in a target direction which will stun all enemies that are struck. The energy will be fired after a short delay. This is better than the previous Dazzle skill since it can only target one enemy.

For his ultimate ability (R), the League of Legends champion will call upon the stars for absolute protection (well, for a few seconds anyway). After a moderate cast time, he and all nearby allies will become invulnerable for a few seconds.



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