LawBreakers – Made by the Guy Who Invented Arena Shooters

LawBreakers  is a game which was previously announced as Project BlueStreak. The title is being backed up by Korean publishing powerhouse, Nexon. This particular game is created by Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski, and his DNA has been known to be splattered all over amazing titles around the gaming industry, which includes Gears of War. Bleszinski and Boss Key are now firing on all cylinders to make their latest videogame to stand out from the crown. It is a class-based, first-person arena shooter, which is similar to other titles such as Batlleborn and Overwatch. However, Bleszinski describes their latest game as all about GGG, which stands for “Guns, gangs, and gravity.”

LawBreakers - Made by the Guy Who Invented Arena Shooters

LawBreakers  is All About Guns, Gangs, and Gravity

First off, LawBreakers  explores the idea of guns, and there plenty of it in this videogame. There is a diverse and tactically-interesting range of weapons that can be found and used within the game. After all, the game does come from the man who brought us weapons such as the chainsaw bayonet. With such weaponry, it takes a creative take on standard gameplay modes.

A great deal of appeal from the LawBreakers  game comes from a mode called Overcharge. Here, both teams will try and take control over a battery. Members of each team would fight against opponents to steal it back to their respective base. That’s not all as teams would have to charge it to full in order to score a point. The first team who scores two points will win the match.

The battery will retain its charge when stolen, therefore, if one team is able to charge it to half full (or half empty if you want), then that amount will still remain and will continue charging from that point when it reaches a base. However, these leads to tense endgames and sometimes sudden swings of fortune. Bleszinski stated that creating the setting for this type of drama up to the final moment of any match has always been thought of as the main driving principle for the game.

As mentioned earlier, there are gangs in LawBreakers  and for each match there will be two factions who duke it out across the game’s post-apocalytpic arenas. These factions are that of the vigilant Law, and the dastardly Breakers (do you now see where the game gets its title?). However, and unlike that of Overwatch of Team Fortress 2 wherein these games promoted colorful characters, Bleszinski’s game is marked with that of gritty realism. The game will be coming exclusively on PC, and a console release is possible if sufficient interest is garnered after its launch.


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