Lara Croft GO (iPad) Review – Tomb Raiding on a Smaller Scale

If you’ve remembered Lara Croft as the heroine that collects priceless treasures from massive caves, tombs, and the like, then Lara Croft GO will be a new experience for you. Instead of using the somewhat open-world format of many Tomb Raider games, this mobile version will have a series of one-off puzzle rooms. Challenges will appear as chapters in a book, complete with titles as to give out some kind of clue to what lies ahead. For example, in the “Maze of Snakes” chapter, well, you will expect a whole lot of snakes.

Lara Croft GO (iPad) Review - Tomb Raiding on a Smaller Scale

Lara Croft GO is an Elegant and Cerebral Mobile Puzzle Game Based on the Tomb Raider Series

Lara Croft GO brings in something new to fans of the franchise, and it is also something that you can play inside a coffee shop. But there is very little reason to return to the game once you have completed all the five books. This is a game that won’t promote long hours of gameplay. Once it’s all done, you may just want to delete it from the iPad’s system.

Fortunately, the puzzles found in the game, albeit really short, are filled with quality over quantity. The tombs inside Lara Croft GO (iPad) are compact, just like the gadget your playing it on. The puzzles are in the form of 3D platforming riddles that players must consider just about everything inside their wits before they are able to proceed.

Swiping the screen on the iPad will move Lara along the notches on a grid. However, this is a 3D platforming puzzler, which means the grid revolves around three axes. You will shimmy along ledges, pull levers to descend into hidden pathways, and swipe Lara along to climb to higher ground. These are all typical Tomb Raider scenarios but they are easier to pull off in the mobile tablet.

Aside from being a puzzler, the game is also somewhat turn-based, but this depends on the stage. Whenever you play a certain move, the world reacts accordingly. There are times when a saw blade will switch positions of various elements inside a particular map. There are also times when a bridge will begin to crumble as soon as you walk past it. Figuring out how to get from point A to point B will usually be a matter of timing.

If you’re tired of console games and would like to take a break from them, even for a few hours, then Lara Croft GO is a great way to do achieve that. This is a short but sweet cleanser to your gaming palate. This mobile spin-off to the Tomb Raider franchise has been a very interesting ride from start to finish.


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