Krups XP5620 Review – A Clean Espresso Maker in More Ways Than One

What the Krups XP5620 exudes in is its adamant simplicity. While it is of the simple variety, and it doesn’t offer much like the all-in-one espresso makers that you see in today’s market, but it does represent a step up in terms of quality when comparing it to other similarly priced machines. It offers consistency in terms of coffee quality and it leaves very, very little mess.

Krups XP5620 Review - A Clean Espresso Maker in More Ways Than One

The Krups XP5620 Offers Great Value for its Simplicity

When comparing the Krups XP5620 with its closest cousin, the XP5210, they’re pretty similar in terms of size. They are both petite while still not being so compact since all you can fit under the coffee nozzle is an espresso cup the size of a thimble.

However, unlike its older cousin, the XP5620 is now made with more style in mind. It is mostly covered in black and it has a “form meets fashion” appeal. It has a silvery front and a control knob that no longer looks too industrial. Still, it won’t turn heads but those who are avid fans of the minimalistic approach will be able to give this particular espresso machine a special place in their kitchen.

It has a reservoir which has a rectangular shape and can be simply yanked out from the top. It has a handle to do that easily. However, if you have overhanging cupboards, the design can become a pain. But then again, if you don’t, then it is the most convenient functionality that you can possibly imagine. It won’t get in the way of the steam arm/coffee holder, nor does it move when you put in refills.

If there was one thing that needs to be change on this particular device is that the steam spout does not output hot water. When making Americanos, you would have to either need to fire up a kettle, or leave the hot water pouring through the grounds. If you’re looking for the pro barista approach in making certain coffees, then this is far from it.

However, it can still give you the barista feel with almost none of the hassle. This is due to the machine’s auto tamping feature. For those who don’t know what tamping is, it is where you compress the coffee grounds as part of the preparation. Therefore, with this automatic feature, it cuts down on the fiddliest part of making an espresso shot and it also virtually destroys a lot of the mess involved.

Overall, the Krups XP5620 is a solid and reliable choice that offers great value for money. It offers minimal fuss and delivers clean delivery for espresso shots. However, those who are looking for a coffee machine that can create coffee for large servings may want to look somewhere else.


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