Klic-N-Cut or KNK Force Review – The Electronic Cutter With a True Z Axis

First of all, what is the KNK Force? It is a dual-head, computerized plotter. So what’s so special about that? There’s a twist – it uses a motor. Most “conventional plotters” use a solenoid as a cutting head. However, this device has a true 3-axis cutter because it uses a motor. Why the 2 heads? So that there’s twice the action on the machine! In a single step, users are able to emboss and stipple, emboss, and cut, and draw and emboss among many other functions. In truth, the possibilities are endless as to what this machine can do and is only limited by the user’s needs and imagination.

Klic-N-Cut or KNK Force Review - The Electronic Cutter With a True Z Axis

The KNK Force is a Power to Behold

The KNK Force uses a new head design unlike most conventional plotters. The company behind the intricate look and mechanism of this plotter has made the machine to use approximately 8.8-pounds of force (both up and down). That is about 5-times the cutting pressure of the Zing Air and the KNK Zing.

The Klic-N-Cut Force also uses a new blade holder which makes the device cut even very delicate materials, like vinyl. The new design for the head was made for the machine to properly control a spindle. This new look and improved functionality was done as the team behind the device needed to find a way to control the plunge speed, control the depth, and lift the weight of a heavy rotary tool, all in one convenient machine.

The company also states that they know of the shortcomings of the conventional craft cutter. The traditional model has difficulty recognizing registration marks when they come in low-contrast situations. The firm has then developed their own take of the craft cutter’s “optical eye” with the use of a built-in camera for the device. This grants the machine with a functionality to be able to automatically and manually print and cut. It also grants the device the ability to easily calibrate when there is a combination of accessories laid in front of its “optic eye.”

Another unique feature about this computerized plotter is it can be completely wireless. The company behind this device wanted it to be completely wireless. Hence, users are able to connect it to their home Wi-Fi network, or through an Ethernet cable for wired connections. The KNK Force is already accepting backers over at their Kickstarter campaign page and has an array of rewards depending on how much has been pledged by a person.


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