Aetho’s ‘Aeon’ GoPro Stabilizer Looks, and Works Like a Charm

One of the straplines for the ‘Aeon’ GoPro Stabilizer reads “Shoot video that’s worth watching.” Since it is a video recording stabilizer, what it does sounds kinda obvious, right? For those new to this device, you know that the GoPro is an action cam. Even if you think that you have a rock-steady grip and you can concentrate hard enough for your arm not to move all around while holding the camera, the environment will not be as forgiving. This is where a camera stabilizer comes in; hence, you can walk, run, dive, dance, sprint, play with action cam in head, chest, knees, elbow, arm, hand, or even on your pet Chihuahua, all the images you take while the camera is on the stabilizer will be (obviously) really steady.

Aetho's 'Aeon' GoPro Stabilizer Looks, and Works Like a Charm

What Does the ‘Aeon’ GoPro Stabilizer Have that Others Don’t?

First of all, the ‘Aeon’ GoPro Stabilizer is a camera gimbal or otherwise known as a stabilizer (as it says so in its name). It is designed for the famous action camera so videos are captured steadily and not like if a dog were to shoot a video while chasing its tail. But there are handheld versions of such a device on the market, right?

True. However, the problem with similar products on today’s market is they feel a bit too… delicate. This property does not scream “GoPro” since the camera is known to withstand a lot of harsh environments. Other gimbals are also a tad too clunky, harder to carry around, and just simply lack the practical design.

This Aetho’s GoPro Stabilizer is the manifestation of the goal of the company to make a gimbal to look, and function as slick as the video as the action camera produces. The design is unlike many competing products (a lot of them have to be attached to the shoulder for stability purposes and they look incredibly large for the tiny camera). The Aeon looks like the offspring of a traditional steadicam that fell in love with a steering wheel of a supercar.

With this design , the allocation of a curved handle will let the user have a more comfortable grip on the stabilizer while still maintaining complete stability for the camera. Other stabilizers will have the camera located above the hand, which makes framing shots a bit more difficult and less predictable.

With the ‘Aeon’ GoPro Stabilizer, users just point their knuckles to where they want to film and the action camera will follow without the cam itself jiggling around. Simple, ergonomic, and downright effective.


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