Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ – U.S. Release Date Has Been Revealed

The “χ” in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is not the letter X in the English alphabet but it is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet and it is pronounced as “ki” in English. Therefore, is someone you know tells you about Kingdom Hearts Unchained “X,” then you can puff up your chest and give them a brief lesson about it. But enough about the alphabet in the title, this mobile game was announced last year, and we now have a concrete launch date. It will be released on April 7th, 2016 for iOS and Android devices.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ - U.S. Release Date Has Been Revealed

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Will be Launched for iOS and Android on April 7

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is a mobile game that could make the wait for Kingdom Hearts III a bit more tolerable. It is based off Square Enix and Disney’s popular action/role-playing game that created huge success with its cross between serious plots and kid-friendly character designs.

This mobile version of the popular videogame franchise will have role-playing mechanics with recognizable faces from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, as well as Disney’s array of films. The game will be available for download on April 7th, and it will compatible for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the game can be downloaded free-of-charge. But of course, what mobile game be without in-game micro-transactions. Well, at least you can download the game without having to pay a single cent.

Unchained χ is the first entry for the mobile platform for the Kingdom Hearts that will come out in the U.S.. Square Enix already made an effort to infiltrate the mobile sector with certain original apps such as Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. The firm also released mobile versions of their popular Final Fantasy series such as Final Fantasy IX.

This particular game is actually the mobile version of the browser game titled Kingdom Hearts χ. Said browser game was released in Japan back in September of last year. The setting for the game takes place in familiar Kingdom Hearts worlds. Players will even have the opportunity to customize their own avatars.

Aside from Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, Square Enix is known to be working on the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.0 Final Chapter Prologue, in which it will have the Dream Drop Distance title (originally made for the Nintendo 3DS), and the Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (which is a series of cinematics that have a tie-in with the mobile game).


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