Kidde RemoteLync Monitor Review – A Simple Device With a Steep Price

For what it can do, the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor works pretty well. It will listen for alarms of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors within the range of its sensors to send push notifications to a connected device. It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, and it connects within the home’s Wi-Fi network. It does succeed in doing its job if the smoke detector is close enough to it. Otherwise, don’t expect it to do its job well if the smoke alarm is found relatively far from this device (say, the first floor of your house and the monitor is found on the second storey). It is a simple device, but it doesn’t do much to justify the steepness in its price tag.

Kidde RemoteLync Monitor Review - A Simple Device With a Steep Price

The Kidde RemoteLync Monitor Lacks Features to Justify Its Price

When you set the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor from just across the room from where the smoke alarm is placed, you will get a push notification in about twenty to thirty seconds from when the sound went off. While this is a pretty decent turnaround time, it is still far from being exceptional.

Nonetheless, it does mean that the device is pretty responsive. Even if you do shut the door in between the two devices, you will still be able to get those push notifications within a relatively small amount of time. When you place the RemoteLync Monitor farther away from the smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm, then it will take longer for the push notifications to activate and to reach you. Move even further away, say the next storey of your home, and the monitor essentially destroys its effectiveness.

It is made with a design that is unobtrusive but still a bit bland. The cube-shaped monitor has a light on its top that can shine green, red, or amber. Without consulting the instruction manual, it can be tricky to know what the colors mean. Therefore, it should be noted to never lose the instruction booklet that comes with the standard packaging of the device.

The monitor does come with an IFTTT channel which is a nice plus. It allows users to use the monitor’s triggers to talk to your larger smart home setup. For instance, you can make compatible smart bulbs turn red whenever it receives an alert from this particular Kidde monitor.

But even though it does work well for what it can do, the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor lacks the right number of features to justify the heft in its price tag. For those who do want to make their home more secure, and has the extra cash to do so, may want to look into purchasing this device.


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