Juvo – Not Your Ordinary Sleep Monitor

Juvo separates itself from other sleep monitors in two ways: One is that it will integrate itself with various smart-home gadgets such light bulbs, thermostats, outlets, and even other consumer health products such as Fitbit and Jawbone, and the second one is that it can offer advice based on the user’s personal sleep patterns.

Juvo - Not Your Ordinary Sleep Monitor

Juvo Helps You Bring Back Your Much Desired Sleep

The integration of both technologies to Juvo is a nice touch. It promotes a great deal of potential for the device. When the device can sense its user has already fallen asleep, it will tell the lights (which should be connected to the same network) to switch off. It will then tell other devices within the same home network to adjust accordingly for a relaxing sleep experience every time.

This means that a user can set up biological triggers within the abode as it can also integrate itself with IFTTT. For instance, it can lock doors and lights will shut off once the user falls asleep. Other than all the automated “going to sleep” related functions, it is also smart enough to the things in reverse when you wake up. For example, it will “tell” the lights to slowly brighten as the user begins to wake up. It can even wake you up a little earlier or later to let you finish a REM cycle. This way, you do not wake up immediately after a deep sleep (which is a major contributor to morning grogginess).

Juvo Labs is a small company that opens the project for financial backing over at their crowdfunding page at Indiegogo. When the project has been backed fully, it can change the way sleep technology currently is and bring it to a new age.

The device will work like this – the user will slip a fiber-optic pad under the mattress. It can work with many types of mattresses including spring, foam, and even memory foam. Connect the pad to a square monitor that will rest on the bedside table. The technology built into the device will then track bodily vibrations, while the pad will monitor heart and breathing patterns. This will tell the device whether you’re asleep or awake.

The technical savvy of Juvo has brought many to become excited. Early contributors to the product will get the device at two-thirds of its full price. There are still a lot of things that are under development, but with enough financial backers, this concept may soon become a complete reality.


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